You Can Stay on Plan!

 The Crave Detox bars provide an organic, gluten free, high protein snack that control's craving's. They are easy on sensitive digestion, increasing bowel movement's and curbing hunger.

I am Dr. Tiffany and I have had many muses for my creation of this bar, including my own struggles.  Ms. Geri Ayer's journey inspired me the most.

Meet Ms. Geri, she just turned 75 years old recently. When we met she was Controlled by her Cravings for sweets and rich foods. She was 60 years old, 324lbs, on 26 medications, constantly constipated and swollen. She worried that if she every fell, she might not be able to get up off of the floor. She wanted freedom from her cravings and to be healthy.

She lost 160lbs, has perfect bowel function, discontinued all 26 medications, eats per the Crave Detox Bar program and exercises regularly. She feels more in control of her life. She would tell you that, she is healthier now and feels better than she did in her forties.
She uses the Crave Detox Bar to control her cravings for sweets. It's her dessert and stops her from making sabotaging health choices.

Ms. Geri knows that life is what we make of it and that where there is a will, there is a way. She embodies our mantra: Control Your Cravings and Control Your Life.

Yes you Can Manage Cravings!

Yes to Vegetables, No to Donuts

This is the Recipe For Staying on Track...

  • High Protein
  • High Fiber
  • Healthy Fat
  • ... and Chocolate (cacao)

Sunflower Seed Butter The Chocolate Coconut Clarity Protein bar has 12 grams of protein, 11 grams of fiber, 11 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of sugar.
Made with ingredients you can recognize, this is the protein bar that will fill you up and leave you satisfied for hours. Candy bars, chips, and even some protein bars are made to increase your hunger. Not the Crave Detox Protein Bar. Take a few bites during your break and move on with your day.

By combining high protein, high fat, and fiber together, this bar will stabilize your blood sugar. Spiking your blood sugar and nutritional deficiencies are the source of intense cravings. Keep reading to learn how it helps.

1st Testimonial

The Reason Cravings Are Strong!

Thinking About Junk Food

Control Your Blood Sugar, Control Your Cravings

  • Eating Sugar Leads to More Sugar
  • Missing Meals Destabilizes Blood Sugar! This is Why You Must Have a Convenient Alternative
  • Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail! 

Morning Cravings

Thinking About Junk Food

Slow Down on the Fasting, It's not for everyone! Food for thought:

  • Where Did Your Idea of "Breakfast" Food come from?
  • Did you know that you detox Your Cravings with a Healthy Breakfast?

Sabotaged by Evening Cravings?

Thinking About Junk Food

You Have Been Looking Forward to Desserts All Day long...

  • This is Why You Don't Skip Breakfast, it leaves you vulnerable.
  • Consume Fiber and Protein during the day like in the bar.
  • Make Sure You're Not Thirsty, as it masquerades as hunger.

Consistently Overcoming Cravings

Thinking About Junk Food

Making the Right Decision for your Goals

  • Your Taste Buds Change
  • Looking Forward to Healthy Food for a Change
  • Need Guidance?: Join the Crave Detox Lifestyle Program

Constipation Relief here...

Thinking About Junk Food

This Protein Bar, will help you go.

  • Get Your Bowels moving with Fiber

How Your Gut Bacteria Intensifies Your Cravings

Thinking About Junk Food

Your Stomach could be Sabotaging You

  • There is Bacteria in Your Stomach That Makes You Crave
  • Feeding the Bacteria That Keeps You Satisfied is important

Yes, the Chocolate Coconut Clarity Bar helps to resolve these issues!

You don't have to wait any longer.