"So nice and soft. Easier for me to chew." - Florence
"Quite good. The taste is comparable to or exceeds current competitive market protein bar items I have consumed." - Al
"I am so excited about these bars. I am always looking for something I can take with me and share with my girls. Also, I think that is cool to have such inspiration to dream and create. The cashew bar is awesome. Very soft and goes down easy. My daughter asked for more. She tried to bite my finger searching for more. It's going to be cool to explain to the girls that you can create whatever you feel is missing and important. You do not have to be satisfied with the status quo. Tiffany and Justin created their own health bar because they were not satisfied with the status quo. That makes dreams seem that much more tangible." - Troi
"I just finished Day 1. After the first two bites, I was very pleased with the hearty consistency of the bar. The subtle flavor of the cashews was an extra bonus for me! I have used Stevia before, but an addiction to old habits (sugar) did not allow me to stick with it. There's just a hint of sweetness in the bar that satisfies that addiction. In other words... I REALLY LIKE IT!!! I am feeling full already, so no elaborate dinner for me today." - Earl