I mentioned this study during the Fat Loss Talk on Wednesday. The study that has influenced a lot more research, and is making a number of integrative MD's, and the health community take notice is below. In short, the study suggest that there is type of gut bacteria ratio that lean people have, that obese/overweight people do not.

Gut Bacteria=Flora=Probiotics/Prebiotics There currently isn't a probiotic being made that reflects this ratio. The reason is because the flora have to be fed. You can basically starve Overweight Flora and Feed the Lean Flora. They are beginning to think this could explain why some people seem to eat twice as much as others, and not gain. If you are not born with the Lean ratio, then the foods to feed them include: A lot of resistant soluble fiber: (medibulk, inulin fiber, resistant start, green banana fiber, some psyllium fibers, and few others) this fiber is prominent in the bars. Additionally they eat Phenols: 2 vinegars (ACV, and Red wine) and dark richly colored veggies and fruits (red cabbage, berries, dark leafy greens, etc.)

This research will be more reflected in the protocols of the Challenge. It also suggest the need for more use of probiotics and prebiotics (fibermend, or what is in the bar) among Challengers. When there is increased fiber, if you have more bad flora in your gut, than good, the bad flora will eat the fiber, and release toxins (gas). You will need to have a healthy population of good flora for good health, and fat loss. #fittip #f4lchallenge

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK154098/ Influence of the Microbiome on the Metabolism of Diet and Dietary Components