Should I use the Nutrition Plan outlined on the "How Do I Use The Diva Bars" page used for weight loss or weight maintenance?
The Nutrition Program can actually be used for either weight loss or weight maintenance. How you manipulate your macro-nutrients within your program will determine whether you will maintain your weight or elicit weight loss.
Exactly how much fiber should I have in a day?

Your minimum fiber intake is 25 grams of fiber. Your optimum fiber intake is between 25 and 50 grams of fiber.

If you are looking to increase your fiber intake make sure that you increase your intake of fiber slowly and daily as recommended.

Will the bar cause gas or bloating?
If you increase your fiber uptake aggressively you can create gas and constipation. It is for this reason that you will want to take your time in increasing your fiber intake.

If gas continues, it may be necessary to add enzymes and probiotics to your nutrition plan as gas is not a normal long term response to fiber.

Do I have to have non-dairy milk with the bar?
You certainly do not have to have non-dairy milk with the bar. However you will need to make up the fat/calories that you miss in the non-dairy milk later on that day or with the meal.

Can this bar be a snack?
Yes! Having the bar with water makes the bar an acceptable snack.

Can this bar be a meal replacement?
Yes! With 10 oz of non-dairy milk and a piece of fruit this bar can satisfy your protein requirement for a meal.

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