The F4L Diva Bar is the vision of Tiffany Brown-Bush and husband Justin Bush. Tiffany considers herself and her clients to be F4L Divas: Fierce, Fabulous and Fit 4 Life! Busy women on the go, that demand high quality fuel to keep all the many balls in the air.  

The struggle to find a convenient snack or meal replacement solution led to this solution Pegan or Paleo-Vegan Rotation Bars. The bar is super yummy, as any proper F4L Diva would DEMAND, while also free of preservatives, and toxins!

  The F4L EAT-Fit and F4L Challenge Nutrition programs are based on a Non Allergen eating philosophy. The fundamentals include: Eliminating Gluten, Dairy and Soy, which in turn eliminates numerous digestive, sinus, and skin issues; while eliminating Sugar reduces cravings, inflammation and emotional struggles. The F4L approach replaces these items with healing Vegan protein (rotated of course), high doses of healthy inflammatory- reducing Fat (a paleo staple), and prebiotic and digestible fibers, and healing and weight loss occurs.

   Numerous clients have been wildly successful with this F4L EAT-Fit approach, consistently seeing 7-20lbs weight losses in 3 weeks, and healing health issues that have plagued them for as long as they can remember. The problem has been that the Vegan protein shakes, that were a major cornerstone of the program, aren't travel friendly. With the F4L Diva bar, the program can go where you go; an airport, a long meeting, a salon appt, a party, a road trip, your kids sports practice, you name it, you are always on program.

  The best part, besides the YUM factor, is there is no guess work on how to rotate the bars! It's as simple as Day 1, Day 2, then Day 3! This way you are never over exposing yourself to the same proteins and fats and therefore never become food intolerant. Developing your own food intolerances is not Divalicious. Food intolerance creates water retention, weight loss resistance, cravings, and a lot more.

An F4L Diva is Fit 4 Life, while juggling all of her different roles! This bar makes it that much easier. Grab your bar, and get on with being FABULOUS!