Why Your Weight Loss Should Be Paired With Your Detox

 Have you or someone you know ever completed a detox? If so you may have used special tea, herbs, supplements, or possibly nothing at all as detoxes for some is just a matter of temporarily removing a specific food or behavior. Due to the fact that the word “detox” is used so frequently, let’s review the definition of detoxification.
 The technical definition of detoxification is, “the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.” So based off of the definition of “detoxing”, you can see how the what or the actual actions of following a detox can fall under a very large umbrella. But what about the why? What is the point exactly?
 Detoxing can improve your health certainly but, how and more importantly when do we detox if our goals are to lose weight? This is a very important question because of the fact that the very toxins your body has deemed to be dangerous for your vital organs are RELEASED WHEN YOU LOSE FAT. Your body stores them there to protect you.
 That’s right, your fat loss can have a negative effect on your overall health IF your body cannot efficiently remove the toxins that have just been released due to fat loss. Simply knowing this fact helps us with knowing when the optimal time to detox is. 
 Now what if we decide to disregard improving our detox pathways or even the need to detox after fat loss? The toxins that our body has released can then be re-circulated over and over again wreaking havoc on our bodies physiology and damage a number of areas including our fat metabolism. How do toxins damage our fat metabolism? By overwhelming your liver.
   If your liver is spending the majority of its time and energy packaging toxins into your stored fat cells (where those toxins are safely removed from your vital organs) then you will find yourself with more and more fat cells. If your detox pathways are clear enough for your toxins to be removed, then your liver can help you with losing weight by using your stored fat as fuel to replenish your sugar stores. Hence making you a less toxic and thinner Diva.
 So what should you take away from all of this crucial information every Diva with a Diva body should know? Use your time to detox wisely. Don’t simply detox every time you eat poorly. Instead, make an effort to work all five of the detox pathways after significant weight loss with no more than three major detoxes within the same year.


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