Why Sugar BLocks Fat Loss: Day 6 Of 14  Days Of Fat Loss

Why Sugar BLocks Fat Loss: Day 6 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss


   Welcome to Day 6 of my 14 Days of Fat Loss.I want to talk to you about sugar. I've mentioned already that I want you to avoid sugar but, I want to dive even deeper as to why I want you to avoid sugar.

   First, sugar is extremely addicting. In fact, six times more addictive then cocaine according to some research.

   Second, sugar contributes to most lifestyle diseases that you can have. Cardiovascular issues, inflammation in the arteries, plaque build up, can all have a direct link to your sugar or carbohydrate consumption. Fast absorbing carbohydrates such as bread, pastas, and potatoes are just some examples of food that we do not think of as sugar but impact the body just the same as sugar would.

   So Alzheimer's, blood pressure, cholesterol issues, are all related to inflammation which is directly linked to sugar consumption. Now how can sugar effect your physique?

   Belly-fat is directly linked to sugar due to the bodies hormonal response to exposure to sugar. The fat around your mid-section is not the same as the fat you might find on your thighs or arms. Fat around your mid-section is not only surrounding your vital organs, it is also actively secreting hormones that will increase your hunger and inflammation in the body. Your waist measurement is in indicator of your health status. Your waist should be half of your height in inches. Any larger and your likelihood of developing Diabetes increases.

   Lastly, sugar can also increase anxiety in individuals as sugar is a neurotoxin for the brain. So for all of the reasons and more, we do not consume sugar on the F4L Diva Slim Down. Not in moderation, not on certain days, and certainly not within any beverages.

   So if you know that you need to kick sugar but have not been able to, subscribe to my blog and shoot me an email at justinbush@tiffanysfit4life.com as we have helped hundreds of sugar addicts detox from sugar, remove sugar from the diet, and develop therapeutic tools around what to do when your around sugar.


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