Why Repeating The Same Meal Is Fattening: Day 5 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Why Repeating The Same Meal Is Fattening: Day 5 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Hello! This is Day 5 of my 14 Days Of Fat Loss series and in today's video, I talk about the importance of food rotation. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Transforming your body won't just be a matter of changing your current food to F4L Diva Slim Down approved food, but rotating your (fat loss approved) food on a daily basis. This way, your body does not have an adverse effect to your nutrition due to overexposure.

There must be novelty in your nutrition plan. You cannot place your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates on repeat. Overexposure can not only make you weight loss resistant but can also cause a food intolerance or food sensitivity which is what the F4L Diva Slim Down is based on. So many of my divas either come in food intolerant or can easily become food intolerant if they are not careful. My participants will often want to repeat a meal daily due to the convenience of cooking everything at the same time. This method can unfortunately cause problems.For example, greens are very mineral dense, and having the same minerals on a daily basis can cause build up, deposits that can cause spurs, as well as stones in the body.

I cannot emphasize how important this concept is. So many nutrition plans my clients have completed prior to participating in the F4L Diva Slim Down will have them use the same high allergen protein powder every day or meal prep the same meal for an entire week. So temporary weight loss is followed by weight gain and a few sensitivity that will make it that much more difficult to lose that weight again. Don't let this be you!

Continue to follow my 14 Days of Fat Loss for more useful tips and inquire about the F4L Diva Slim if your looking for a plan that will teach you how to eat fierce, fabulous, and Fit 4 Life.


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