What Not To Drink And Why For Weight Loss: Day 3 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

What Not To Drink And Why For Weight Loss: Day 3 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

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Hello Divas!
  In this video, I discuss how what you drink will probably change once you begin my F4L Diva Slim Down Weight Loss Program (www.tiffanysfit4life.com).

   It can be quite a shift for some of my divas when they first start my Slim Down. What to drink for example is a popular topic of discussion because so many drinks (and "health" drinks) you maybe consuming are simply not an option when weight loss is your goal.

 Whole milk unfortunately has harmful antibiotics and hormones that we simply shouldn't consume. Soda is not only full of sugar but is also calcium leeching. Fruit juice and fun teas just like the soda are filled with sugar, and green juice and vegetable drinks have the fiber removed which puts them in the same category with all of the other sugar drinks I have described. All of the drinks as you can imagine not only increase our weight and waist lines but contribute to Type II Diabetes as well. So once we remove these options what do my Divas drink?

 We substitute the whole milk with nut milks such as coconut, cashew, almond, and flax milk. Replace the fruit teas with herbal tea. Then drink plenty of water including spring, mineral, filtered, and distilled. Now, alkaline water is something I do not recommend to anyone. If you happen to have an alkaline water machine, my recommendation would be to set it on 7.5 and simply leave it at that. But what about coffee?

 I love coffee so please know that if you also love coffee I know where your coming from. On the F4L Diva Slim Down Weight Loss plan I recommend to my coffee drinkers to choose only the finest, organic, and cleanest coffee they can find. You need to know how the beans were handled as coffee beans molds very easily. The next question becomes how much coffee? Only 250-350 mg at most as any more then that, and the caffeine can actually block fat from being burned.


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