Fiber For Easy Fat Loss

I strive to provide F4L Divas with science based solutions to weight loss in a practical way. Here is just one example as to how as women, we are missing out on fat loss progress by not taking advantage of easy opportunities.

How many grams of fiber are you eating a day? If you are not keeping count, then you might assume that you are falling below the average of what you need. No worries,  most women are not getting enough fiber! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, you will need:

-    25 grams a day for a woman who is between 19 and 50 year?s old
-    38 grams a day for a woman who is older than 50 year?s old

Now if that sounds like a lot of fiber then you are partially correct. Twenty to thirty-eight grams of fiber can be a lot to stomach IF you are taking all of that fiber in with food only. The amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts that you would need to consume on a daily basis may exceed what you are willing to eat. So then the question becomes, why bother?!

As Divas, we use complex carbohydrates, fiber, and nutrient timing for one very specific goal. To extend the time our body has to digest all of the food that we eat. The SLOWER our body digests the nutrients that we eat, means the SLOWER the insulin spike (or response) our body experiences, which contributes to DECREASING our likelihood of storing our calories as fat! Therefore, it is in your best weight loss interest to meet your fiber intake goals. But, that still doesn?t help us with the buffet of vegetables we will need to consume to meet our goals.

This is where my practical solutions come in. After not finding a protein bar that provided everything I needed to have,  without any preservatives or allergen foods that I never want myself or F4L Divas to eat, I decided to create my own bar.
One F4L Diva Protein Bar has 66% of your daily fiber needs. Meaning one and a half bars a day will not only help to keep you regular, but will also help you regularly meet your total fiber needs. Practical science based solution, solved. We have two delicious flavors and hope you enjoy them as a snack or meal builder!


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