How So Many Choices Keep Us Fat: Day 8 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

How So Many Choices Keep Us Fat: Day 8 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Hello Diva,

 Welcome to Day 8 of the 14 Days of Fat Loss! In today's video I discuss how the fact that there are so many diets can hinder the process we will have to complete to lose fat.

  I want to speak to the choices we have in regards to losing fat. Now let's take a moment and focus on the last two words which is, fat loss. Fat loss and weight loss are not the same thing. Fat loss is a very complicated hormonal process of which there are multiple paths one could take to reach their goals (Are you a liver type, are you experiencing adrenal fatigue, sugar burner or fat burner, diabetic, etc.). Weight loss is just a matter of shocking the body as a result of doing something different. 

  You can lose weight doing just about anything. Especially the first time you follow a weight loss program you have not done before, and especially within the short term. The first time you diet, cut calories, start exercising after a long lay off, do a cleanse, and so fourth, you will most likely see results. The question then becomes, at what cost.

  What we tend to consider when we start any program is what we are losing or compromising in the short term. So something along the lines of, "I'm going to do the [Fill In The Blank] diet, and while I'm on it, I can't have [Fill In The Blank]." What we do not consider is the long term effects as a result of doing the program. What is the likelihood of metabolic damage as a result of participating in this program. You can lose 100+ pounds on the Biggest Loser. No doubt about it. But what you may not know is the fact, that if your metabolic rate was 3,000 calories when you walked into Biggest Loser, their weight loss method will have you walking out with possibly half the metabolic rate(1,500 Calories) that you walked in with. Which means you will need to keep exercising as if you never left the ranch if you have any hope of not re-gaining the weight.

 As a integrative therapist, functional practitioner, and soon to be natural doctor, I will not recommend anything that will possibly compromise your metabolism or overall health. So are there methods of weight loss that work that I don't agree with, absolutely. But weight loss or more specifically fat loss, is just the beginning of a much larger discussion.

 I help women with sustainable fat loss and health. I work with women who are typically 35 years old or older, and serious long term hormonal damage can occur for women (especially over 35) that follow programs that do not take who is participating in the program to begin with. Anyone can give you a suggestion that may result in weight loss. But my goals include but are not limited too:

- Not Needing a Hysterectomy

- Maintaining Lean Muscle Tone

- Having Good Digestion

- Having a Menstrual Cycle

 So for me, fat loss is just one of a number of goals that can truly change your life for the better as opposed to the worse.

  Thoughts? Leave any questions, comments, or concerns about this topic below and I'll make sure to answer them as soon as I can. See you tomorrow for Day 9!






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The key is Sustainable Fat Loss For Life !!!!! That’s ny Goal at 58 yrs. of Life
In a well thought out…((Positive)))) phrase: I’m Winning!!!!!!!! ?Diva Strong!!! ?The Bush Team!!

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