How Sauces Increase Our Fat: Day 4 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

How Sauces Increase Our Fat: Day 4 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss



  Welcome to Day 4 of my 14 Days of Fat Loss series. In my day four video I discuss the use of seasonings, sauces, dips, and salad dressings as they pertain to my virtual weight loss program the F4L Diva Slim down.

 Within my F4L Diva Slim Down I do a lot of coaching around properly reading food labels and identifying the sugar and/or salt content within not only the food, but any items that may go on the food.

 You constantly need to be asking questions such as, "How is my food being prepared?" Or, "What are the ingredients in the marinade that was used on my protein?" Or, "What are the ingredient within the sauce that comes on or with my food?" The attitude my Divas occasionally have is that if it is only a little bit of sauce, then how much can it hurt?  Forgetting that the amount of sugar and/or salt can be very high within a small amount of sauce.

Therefore I pay attention to any sauce being used within the F4L Diva Slim Down. Some sauce is always banned such as ketchup, hot sauce, or soy sauce. The sodium content within a dash of hot sauce is very high! Soy sauce is made from soy beans and wheat and is yet again, very high in sodium. High sodium foods as you can imagine show up on the scale and worse, can have an adverse affect on your blood pressure.

Your focus is going to be on removing and ingredients that will cause in inflammatory response to the body which means, anything you can't immediately recognize is probably a no go. Salad dressings are notorious for having long ingredients lists which is why you want clear dressings like oil and vinegar.

 A good rule of thumb to go by, no item should have more then 3 grams of sugar, or more then 100-120 mg of sodium.

  I hope you find this helpful and remember, for meal plans, weight loss coaching, weight loss therapy, or for a great tasting protein bar simply email or visit any of my fabulous websites (services ), or (therapy).


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