How Insulin and Candida Block Fat Loss: Day 10 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

How Insulin and Candida Block Fat Loss: Day 10 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Hello Diva

   Today is day 10 of my 14 days of Fat Loss and I would like to discuss a couple of slightly more complicated topics. Insulin and Candida Overgrowth cause so many of my divas problems when it comes to fat loss that I need to make sure we go over how this happens.

   In the presence of insulin, you cannot burn stored fat. Fatty acid oxidation (fat burning) does not occur in the presence of insulin. Why? Because Insulin is your storage hormone. When you sugar becomes available within the bloodstream either through consumption or release within your own body, your body has one very specific goal that takes precedence over ALL others. REMOVE THAT SUGAR FROM YOUR BLOODSTREAM. Don't get me wrong, it's not that your can't have any available sugar within your bloodstream, its the fact that the amount of sugar your body wants to have is relatively very little and has to stay within a narrow window. The reason the body follows these rules is because excess sugar within the bloodstream is toxic to the body.

  Let's say your driving and the speed limit is 55 mph. Going to fast is potentially a problem and the police will pull you over, but going too slow is equally dangerous. There is an acceptable range that you will want to stay in. Your blood sugar is the same way, and like the speed limit, the range is somewhat narrow.

   When you drive to fast above the speed limit, the police will pull you over and whatever your destination was, pulling over and allowing the police officer to do what he/she is supposed to do takes precedence (which is to give you a ticket to discourage you from speeding in the future). Insulin works the same way. Every time you eat you will have a varying degree of a blood sugar response. If you eat something that contains sugar or has a lot of sugar within it, then your blood sugar can spike to a much higher level above the approved range (speeding). Insulin (your traffic cop) will then also increase response to the blood sugar spike in order to bring your blood sugar down (speeding ticket). So... where did that excess, toxic, and potentially damaging blood sugar go?

  Into your fat cells. Fat cells have a lot of space within their membranes with the sole purpose of storing not only excess energy but toxins as well. What's even worse about this process, is the fact that while insulin is around (traffic cop), the fat within the cells cannot be released. But wait, there's more!

  As I explained in my video, we can measure our blood sugar. If you are or know someone who is a type I or type II diabetic then you are probably familiar with glucometers and how they work. What you should be also aware of is the fact that our blood sugar can rise and fall pretty quickly. But what bout insulin? Insulin (like traffic cops) linger. While it may take only a few moments to raise or lower your blood sugar significantly, it takes hours for insulin to come down. Meaning if you are consuming high sugar, processed, and fake food throughout an entire day, for days at a time, then the amount of time you spend storing fat can easily exceed the amount of time you spend burning fat (which leads to weight gain).

 Now compound this problem even further with what we have been discussing about stress. Stress will not only shift you to store fat through the exact same problem I just explained using stored sugar that's within your body, but stress can often trigger cravings! So if your response to stress is to eat high sugar foods or drink alcohol then your essentially (and unknowingly) doing everything one could do to gain weight.

 "But wait Tiffany, I get all of that, but why can't my body access the fat within my fat cells? I'm always using energy, so what gives?" Good question Diva. Our bodies are smart. It would be counter productive to burn fat while storing fat and the body doesn't do counter productive.

    The human body has evolved to survive long periods of famine. As you know, there is no famine coming anytime soon, so you and I are essentially walking around with outdated software. The process of storing energy takes energy. When your actually storing fat you are burning calories in order to store more calories. But once those calories are stored, they are just stored. It takes the body zero energy to maintain the energy in our fat cells. Stored fat energy or triglycerides are metabolically inactive. Meaning your muscles can easily come and go and as we discussed, blood sugar can rise and fall at potentially dangerous levels pretty quickly. Stored fat is just that, stored. Think of a storage unit that is free, and that storage unit for many of us is our mid-section.

   If you have significant belly fat (wait should be half of your height in inches), then your probably looking at a lack of  insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance problem. Regarding exercise, you want to either workout low intensity or high intensity. Stay away from the moderate exercise. Got it? Good. Let's talk about Candida overgrowth.

Candida Overgrowth

   Many of my divas come to me with digestive struggles. You need to know how important Probiotics are to losing fat. An overgrowth of Candida in your gut can cause a host of problems including but not limited to the storage of carbohydrates, dandruff, vaginal yeast infections, thrush, athletes foot, gas and bloating, and irritation in the skin. Candida overgrowth can also increase your likelihood of sugar cravings and anxiety.

 So when a Diva comes to me with any number of these other symptoms on top of the need of fat loss, I think about any and all underlying issues such as Candida. This way, I can formulate the correct diagnose as to why your struggling with fat loss, and provide you with the path of least fat loss resistance.

  What I hope you are starting to see is this theme of everything within the body being connected to overall metabolism. It is for this reason that I am an Integrative Therapist. To help you be at your best, I need to know how your body is connected and what different symptoms maybe indicating.

   A yeast killing protocol includes starving the yeast, killing the yeast, and replenishing your stomach with good stomach enzymes and Probiotics. Take my quiz to assess whether Candida maybe a problem for you and I'll see you tomorrow for Day 11!










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