How Inflammation Blocks Fat Loss: Day 7 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

How Inflammation Blocks Fat Loss: Day 7 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss


 Welcome to Day 7 of my 14 Days Of Fat Loss! This will be my last video focused on food. The F4L Diva Slim Down is not just a meal plan, but a holistic approach on how to eat, how to live, and what to do when it comes to naturally losing weight.

   I believe (and science supports) that we overexpose ourselves to certain foods as we grow up. I grew up eating a lot of bread, a lot of dairy products, pretty much your typical western diet. Corn, tortillas, chips, tacos, high inflammatory foods that I can tell you I was consuming in my youth. Because of this experience that I had and what I believe to be the experience for many of Divas, this leads us to a place where we need to complete and maintain an elimination diet.

    A great example that we see in schools are peanuts. Peanuts, peanut butter, peanut products was food that I know my husband and I both had in school. For several reasons including overexposure, your child cannot bring anything containing peanuts to  school whether your child has a food allergy towards peanuts or not. The schools have essentially ELIMINATED peanuts due to the response children can have to peanuts. What you want to understand is that the inflammation response to food can manifest not only into going into shock, but in the form of weight gain and water retention.

    Reducing inflammation in the body takes priority over fat loos within the body. Metabolically, storing fat costs us nothing in regards to calories. Therefore inflammation within the body is far more damaging and takes precedence over burning stored fat that wasn't expending any energy to begin with. Therefore, you must remove anything causing you inflammation in order to reduce inflammation.

   Now in the F4L Diva Slim Down, I start with removing eight or nine foods such as dairy, soy, sugar, etc. But when I work with individuals privately, based on their personal physiology I may need to address a specific sub-category such as nightshades (mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes), FODMAP's, high oxalate items, etc.

  The point is, you could have a food sensitivity (be it "healthy" or "un-healthy") that will increase your numbers on the scale and block your overall ability to burn fat over time. This is a more complicated topic then some of my previous videos in this series but please know we go over all of this in the F4L Diva Slim Down.




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