How Eating Organic Helps with The F4L Divas Fat Loss

When you walk into the grocery store and see the regular apples on one row, and the organic apples on a different row, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

There are certain words that leave little to the imagination and certain words that can trigger ten different people in ten very different ways. Certain words used to describe food can be vague such as ?natural?. When was the last time you ate something labeled ?unnatural?, ?fake?, or ?alternative?? Now, organic on the other hand will get your wheels turning immediately because of the price.

This is where I find some confusion can come in. I find that people tend to know that organic food and produce will cost more than non organic food or produce, but they don?t necessarily understand why. The added cost to organic food is the cost to reduce the amount of pesticides, fertilizers, and food additives within the specific item. Which means that if you are not eating organic or the highest quality of food or produce as much as possible, then you will be exposed to pesticides, fertilizer, and food additives. Why is this a concern for us as Fit 4 Life Divas?

Our livers have two primary functions. One, to metabolize our energy stores and two, to detoxify any substances within our blood that our body cannot use (such as pesticides, fertilizer, and food additives). You can think of your liver as the fork in the road where energy is either burned for fuel or stored as fat. If your liver is backed up with traffic in the form of toxins your body cannot use, then your liver will not only store your energy as fat, but it will also package those toxins within your fat cells!

  So as an F4L Diva you are going to approach food the same way you approach everything else in life that you truly value. You can?t eat poorly and look amazing, lean, and youthful anymore then you can eat great quality and feel sluggish, tired, and constipated (the fiber alone should assist with the last one). If I never tell you anything else let me tell you this; all of the benefits of exercise, lifestyle, and supplementation are magnified exponentially WHEN you eat whole food that is clean, allergen free, and preferably organic. Your body can easily process, digest, and eliminate this type of food quickly which allows your body to get back to burning fat that much sooner. This is one of the many reasons the F4L Diva Slim Down and other programs are designed around organic food!


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