How Constipation Is Blocking Your Fat Loss: Day 13 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

How Constipation Is Blocking Your Fat Loss: Day 13 Of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Hello Diva,

 Welcome to day 13 of my 14 Days of Fat Loss! Today's topic is on constipation.

  Fit 4 Life is about eating, moving, and thinking fit. To live fit, you must be healthy. To specifically lose fat (and keep it off), you will also need to be healthy. The process of losing fat with Fit 4 Life is a result of improving your actual health. So let's talk specifically about digestive health.

  Daily bowel movements is a requirement for good health. I have too many divas coming to me with bloating and mid-section specific problems and simply forget to mention the fact that they are not going to the bathroom.

   Too many women are not connecting their constipation to their fat loss. Now your maybe thinking, "Well I go to the bathroom daily with the use of a laxative." If your stomach is not naturally moving food along, then the food sitting within your intestines is going to cause serious problems. The question you want to ask yourself if you are needing to use a laxative is why? What are you consuming or not consuming to where your food is getting stuck to the point where you need assistance? The use of laxatives over a long period of time will weaken your natural number 2 muscles.

  Food that sits in your intestines due to lack of movement will have a negative effect on your body's natural gut flora. You need a healthy tummy to have a lean tummy. Toxin re-circulation and rotting of food within your body is a huge problem that creates a weight loss resistant mid-section.

  The minimum requirement of fiber is 25 grams of fiber, and my F4L Diva Protein Bars can easily help you and Slim Down participants reach that goal. The Slim Down has helped so many women who were previously not going to the bathroom become regular. Going to the bathroom is a prerequisite of weight loss so I am very happy when this occurs for Divas. Let's discuss what to do and what not do do.

  You do not need alkaline water. Your digestive system is supposed to be acidic, not alkaline. Apple cider vinegar, hydrochloric acid, and enzymes will create the proper acidic environment for breaking down food so that it may move along. Apple cider vinegar before the meal, bile salts after the meal as your gall bladder may need support if you are having trouble breaking down fat.

 Probiotics as well may be necessary for creating a happy gut flora. Our F4L Diva Protein Bars are filled with prebiotics which also compliments a happy lean tummy.

  Now, I do believe in animal protein but, we tend to eat more animal protein then we need to. That being said, I do not believe then we need to go vegan either as we do not have the digestive system of a cow who has an especially long digestive tract with multiple stomachs that allow the cow to break down vegetables. We need to strike a proper balance.









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