Food Groups: Day 2 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Food Groups: Day 2 of 14 Days Of Fat Loss

Day 2 - Understanding how food groups play a role in losing weight

Hello Diva, Thank you for stopping by to read Day 2 of my 14 Days Of Fat Loss! If you haven't seen Day 1 yet, click here because understanding why whole food is important will help you to understand my views on food groups.

"Fat makes you fat." Tell me you haven't heard this at least once before. Perhaps you even believe it. Fat was once demonized as the reason for not only heart disease but also weight gain. However when we reduced fat intake as suggested by the experts at the time, we managed to gain more fat. So due to obesity rates increasing, carbohydrates are beginning to now take the blame. If it were only that simple.

   Let me step back and quickly review some of the points I discussed in my video. I want you to understand that I am you. There is nothing you have done previously that I haven't experienced personally or that I have not coached hundreds and hundreds of people around. It is this very reason that I am the person you see once you have tried everything else and are stuck. Diva... if there was a simple explanation to weight loss it would not be a secret, we would all know what it was. 


If all we had to do to reach our goal weight was to eliminate fat or carbs, there wouldn't be an obesity epidemic. Each food group has a purpose and should have a role (a role unique to you) within your nutrition plan. Think of it this way:

An essential nutrient cannot be manufactured in the body.

Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins all have essential nutrients that our bodies cannot make. In fact, essential nutrient deficiencies are the direct cause to specific diseases. People who go without protein for extended periods of time develop the protein-deficiency disease kwashiorkor. People who don't get enough vitamin C develop the vitamin C-deficiency disease scurvy. YOU CAN'T CURE A PROTEIN DEFICIENCY WITH EXTRA AMOUNTS OF VITAMIN C.

"But Tiffany, most of the diets that I know of cut out a food group like carbs or even both carbs and fat leaving me with just protein to eat." You are absolutely right. You can lose a couple of pounds on just about any diet the first time you try it. But your temporary weight loss will be followed by aggressive re-gain that has you gain more pounds then you lost on the diet (one step forward, 2 lbs added to your starting weight). So let's quickly discuss each food group

Fat (or essential fatty acids) is a constituent of hormones. Diva's, completely removing fat from your diet is to deny your body of the building blocks it needs to create hormones like estrogen. Not to mention that diets low in EFA's can also contribute to skin problems such as dandruff, eczema, splitting nails and dull brittle hair. Fat was previously the condemned food category due to the fact that a gram of fat has twice as many calories as a gram of protein or carbohydrates. For now, please take my word on the fact that calories from healthy fats are very far down your list of reasons your would gain weight or would find yourself weight loss resistant.

Carbohydrates believe it or not do have a place within your nutrition plan. Specifically in the form of dietary fiber. Do you like sweet potatoes? Great! My husband does too (I assumed you said yes). Now, are you eating the entire potato including the skin? No? I thought so. For this example, the fiber you need to consume from the potato's comes in the skin and Diva... YOU NEED FIBER TO ASSIST WITH EXPELLING TOXINS. It's not a question of if you need fiber, it's a question of are you getting enough which, you cannot get if you completely remove carbohydrates from your diet.



Protein is similar to fat in that protein is made of long chains of amino acids. Many of those amino acids are essential amino acids which just means we need consume them since our body does not make them. Your body uses proteins to build new cells, maintain tissues, and synthesize new proteins that make it possible for you to perform basic bodily functions. In fact, it is for this very reason that we tend to overdo the protein. It goes in this order. We decide we want to lose weight so we start exercising (not the ideal order to go in but hey), as we start to exercise we are introduced to the idea that our increased activity means we also need to increase our protein. This leads us to take trips to GNC for low quality protein powder complete with useless filler, sugar, and digestion destroying ingredients such as Whey and Soy. Which leads me to my final point.

What is your weight loss formula?
Yours... not your cousins weight loss formula, not your Instagram Inspirations weight loss formula, and not any personal trainer's weight loss formula. No two people have the same metabolism and your nutrition plan should reflect that. Now... yes, there are fundamentals that we should all follow (Diva's, alcohol is not a food group, there is no need for it, put... the wine... down), but once you establish those fundamentals you have to dial in to your specific needs, your specific deficiencies, your specific hormonal considerations.


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