Worldly Tips For World Diabetes Day

Worldly Tips For World Diabetes Day

With today being World Diabetes Day (11/14/16) we wanted to write specifically for those of you who are Type I or Type II diabetic or have loved ones who are. With so many recent changes in healthcare and in unknown future for healthcare it is an especially interesting time for health practitioners  who work with the diabetic population. One thing has been constant however, and that is the cost of insulin.

We have seen how the cost of Epipens has risen exponentially and it would appear that insulin is following a similar trajectory. According to Alicia Adamczyk's article in Money Magazine "Insulin Prices Are Skyrocketing, Too", she cites that the mean price of insulin increased from year 2012 to 2013 by 200%. So what does that mean for diabetics. This is where we have to make a distinction.

If you're born with Type 1 Diabetes, then simply not having insulin is not an option. Therefore, you will need to do whatever you can regarding your finances and healthcare to obtain the minimum amount of insulin that you may need.  Now if you are a Type 2 Diabetic, then you need to know about the following opportunities available to you to decrease your need for insulin.

Why do we need insulin? Essentially to regulate our blood sugar. We have worked and currently do work with many Type 2 Diabetics as well as pre-diabetics and we know we can reverse this prognosis. You need to reset your metabolism to naturally managing your blood sugar without insulin. How do you do that? Total lifestyle changes (which sounds like a lot, but becomes easier over time with help), and the use of fiber.

Why Fiber? Because it slows the rate of which food enters the blood stream AND, increases the rate of which food exits your body through the digestive system. Now think about that for a moment, and then think about what you are  currently eating. If you are not actively adding fiber to your diet, then you are leaving your body's ability to manage your blood sugar and eliminate properly up to your digestive system. It's no wonder that with the current food options readily available to us, our blood sugar is up and constipation is a problem.
Fiber is the one ingredient that convenient food, conveniently leaves out (or takes out). This is why we have made a protein bar that is also high in fiber.

With both of the F4L Diva protein bars packing at least 16 grams of fiber, you can quickly and easily:

-    Snack Healthy
-    Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
-    And Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Colon

As Fit 4 Life Divas striving for healthy alternatives that are cost effective is important. Insulin has not become twice as better within the last few years, it?s simply more expensive and can easily become, more expensive. Take a bite into a better future where diabetes is a thing of the past, and not the disease that will dictate our future.


Why isn't everyone in the gym, thin? Because losing weight is a complicated process that has been oversimplified to just focus on burning calories. Your body is constantly shifting from fat burning to fat storing. Meaning that weight loss is just as, if not more so, a matter of spending more time burning fat from your fat cells as it does the total energy that you burn in a day or a week. Fiber can be used as a tool to extend that time you spend burning fat from your fat cells. #weightLossProteinBar