Why FIBER is The Antidote to Craving Macaroni and Cheese

Why FIBER is The Antidote to Craving Macaroni and Cheese

Hunger vs. Satiety

  1. What You Think is Hunger May Not Be Hunger
  2. How Much Fiber You Need to Feel Full
  3. The Fiber I'd Rather You Avoid
Display of Different Foods Containing Fiber

What You Think is Hunger May Not Be Hunger

Winnie the Pooh Ready to Eat

One thing I hear from my clients is, “Dr. Tiffany, I know I wasn’t supposed to eat that, but I was REALLY hungry.” Now, before I go any further, I want to clarify the difference between being hungry and feeling satiated or satisfied.

To our bodies being hungry is a matter of the time in between meals or snacks. There are complex mechanisms within our body that will communicate to our brains, “HEY! It’s been a while, I think my blood sugar is low, we should probably eat something.” Hunger with an image of a Clock, Satiety with an image of feeling happy or sad

To our brains however, feeling satiated is a moment to moment feeling that can change in an instance. Have you have ever heard someone say, “I’m not hungry, but I could eat.” They are speaking to their level of feeling satisfied relative to feeling full. So where does macaroni and cheese fit into this?

Processed foods excite our feelings of being satisfied without turning on our feeling of being hungry. Remember that what determines our hunger is time. Processed foods and the like rapidly turn on the reward centers of the brain and does not give our body the time it needs to communicate that it does not need any more food. This is why we can overeat until our belts need to be undone.

How much fiber do you need to be full?

Men require 38 grams of fiber per day, Women require 25 grams of fiber per day

Now if that sounds like a lot, it is if your current fiber intake is close to zero. So here is what I want you to do. Post on our Crave Detox Protein Bar Facebook page how much fiber your eating right now and the source of that fiber. Post on your social media a picture of the bar next to 11 Grams of your choice of Fiber and get 50% off a box of bars!