Healing is Necessary

Healing is Necessary

The struggle is real! Do you need help with healing?

Is this you? Do you say these things in your head or to anyone that will listen?

-I feel so tired, I never have any energy

-My hormones are a mess

-I keep having headaches

- My cravings are so intense

-I am always so bloated I look pregnant

-I can't focus or think clearly

-My digestion is so slow or way too fast

-I'm swollen, my rings are tight, my ankles are swollen

-My sleep is terrible

-The brain fog is a problem

-I was diagnosed with ADHD, Depression or Anxiety

More randomly- I hit my head, was concussed or was in a car accident. My digestion/hormones are off. It seems like it worsened or started with the accident.

More randomly- I went through something really stressful, I lost a significant other, experienced a health crisis, lost a job or have experienced financial crisis. My digestion/hormones are off and it seems like it worsened or started with the crisis.

If any of this feels familiar, then you must consider the impact of diet and lifestyle on your symptoms. I believe that food and lifestyle choices can start healing process. That’s why I created the Sugar Detox program that the Crave Detox Lifestyle Program is built around.

My program is designed to reduce physical inflammation, balance the system, support the hormones and specifically address Brain Inflammation and Brain performance. Yes we remove the obvious problem foods: sugar, baked goods, chips etc., however it’s more than that. There are other foods that create problems in the body and there are other steps that you need to take to calm the body!

The Crave Detox Lifestyle program registration is currently open!

Know this, in 14 days you will notice an improvement in your brain and weight. In 30 days, you will have eliminated your cravings. Fourth qtr success can be yours!

Remember that pain is normal, but suffering is a choice. Choose to find a way out. Choose a Detox and control your health!


~ Co-founder Dr. Tiffany Brown-Bush