A Healing Diet

A Healing Diet


Pursuing a healing diet can be a life altering experience and change your mental and physical health forever.  One of the few influences that we have control over is the food we consume one to six times per day. It probably comes as no surprise that deaths are linked to the higher prevalence of stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart disease and kidney issues to name a few of the health conditions. 

Food builds the body up, it creates You! This means that you want to pick foods that build you in a disease free, and anti-inflammatory way. This is why you need a nutrition plan that uses nutrient rich, natural foods. You improve your health and overcome chronic health conditions with a diet that builds you up and heals you. Let's look at the components what the healing plan needs to address, to build up the body.

Inflammation and Food Sensitivities

What is it? It's a physiological sign that the body is busy working on self healing from something problematic. When there is something, an infection caused by a virus, bacteria, parasite or even food sensitivity, that can cause inflammation.

Having this occur, is a concern, as it starts to weaken the immune system. This creates a lot of the diseases mentioned earlier.

Later we will look at which foods are helpful to:

Thyroid, adrenal and gland function

Address skin issues

Developing an environment for gi flora

Support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Support the immune system response 


What are the toxins?

There are so many, there are plastics, metals, glyphosate, chemicals, exhaust fumes and the like. These chemicals interfere with healing. When this accumulation of toxins occurs in tissues and organs, this can cause autoimmune diseases, brain inflammation, neurological disorders which include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These can also stop normal functioning of the body blocking nutrient absorption and exacerbating inflammation. 

Healing Diet Identified:

The Crave Detox Lifestyle is a healing diet. Its' components will reduce the toxins entering into system, thereby allowing your body to repair the impaired hormone pathways, headaches and hypothyroidism. A Healing Diet like the CDL (info and savings below) is designed to eliminate toxins, by using targeting foods. These foods are associated with the increased ability to heal brain changes and reduce symptoms of mood disorders, neurological disease and autoimmune disorders.

The first step in a healing diet and the Crave Detox Lifestyleis to remove refined sugars and grains from the diet that increase blood sugar levels, increase inflammation and create acidic tissues.

There is a need to eliminate the following foods from your diet to reduce the glycemic load of refined sugar and grains that are anti-healing:

White bread, white rice, and pizza crust

Crackers, most canned goods, cookies, cereals

High sugar and glycemic condiments and drinks, including ketchup, mayonnaise and fruit drinks

Lastly deli meats and processed yogurts and cheeses

The Healing Diet Adds:

Add of low sugar carbohydrates to the diet rich as a variety of fruits and veggies is one of the best ways to support your body’s healing abilities. Fresh fruits and veggies contain powerful nutrients to help you let go of excess weight, increase  energy, address mood struggles and heal overall. Fruits and vegetables contain:

Enzymatic components and fiber that support gut function and absorption,

Antioxidants to upregulate detoxification pathways and heal damaged tissues

Important mineral and vitamins that are necessary for optimal cell health and brain health

There are many foods added such as cacao, chia seeds, healthy fats, ginger, turmeric and seeds that include antioxidant properties to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxicity and increase repair and healing. 

What to expect:

Initially there will be a drop in energy, but that's the adjustment necessary for the body to shift into healing. The body will start to detox via bowels, urination, skin, breath and the lymphatic system.

As you lose fat, you want to be mindful that powerful elimination and movements of toxins are occurring. This will be managed and monitored with a proper healing diet to avoid re-toxing. 

You can utilize many healing diets Paleo, AIP, Clean Keto and the Crave Detox Lifestyle Plan. Learn more at the link and use this coupon code to save 10%