Afternoon Cravings

Afternoon Cravings

Why is fighting my cravings so much harder now?

Your Pandemic Afternoon Snack Attacks actually make a lot of sense. You know the one's I mean, all of a sudden your focus is gone, you feel sleepy and you "want" oh no, you "need" something to help you survive the next few hours. In the past you might have paused to consider a healthy snack or at the very least you paused and consumed less. 
Pre-Pandemic Afternoon Snack Attack
  • You walked to the vending machine for a snack
  • You Grabbed a candy off a coworker's desk
  • You Checked the break room for a snack
Now, it's too easy!
Pandemic Afternoon Snack Attack
  • You make multiple trips to the kitchen
  • You have food delivered to your door
  • There is food on tap and no accountability
Defeat Your Afternoon Snack Attack
What is this about? Is it just boredom? Better yet, with the holidays coming, cold weather and darker days, how do you navigate this?
No you weren't ready for this, however this is your new reality. You need skills and tools to help you focus on your health during these unusual times. Halloween candy has already hit the shelves, so let's prepare!
There are steps!
Blood Sugar stability is your First Step. Hydration is your Second Step. That means starting the day with enough time for a balanced breakfast and adequate water and no coffee doesn't count! Here are the features of your solid breakfast plan, which means getting up in time to make breakfast!:
  • 20-32 oz of water upon waking
  • Protein 
  • Fiber
  • Healthy Fat
  • Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

This is what this breakfast could look like with the Crave Detox Bar! If you need a bit more protein, add another 15 grams of plant based protein in a shake of dairy free milk. 

How does this help your afternoon cravings? Many afternoon cravings are about how the day was started. If you start the day with unstable blood sugar, due to missed meals or no protein or fiber, then it eventually catches up to you. Grab your Chocolate Coconut Clarity protein bar to stop the afternoon snack attack. Start your day the right way, and DEFEAT the Pandemic Afternoon Snack Attack.

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